This acquired knowledge stays with you throughout your career, and product knowledge would be considered a hard skill as you gain information and apply it to your trade. The same might be said of mastering Excel spreadsheets for staying organized and learning to use customer relationship management software to bolster your sales and marketing efforts. When you are interviewing for a position as an insurance agent, it is important to highlight your skills. You should be able to speak confidently about your ability to sell insurance policies, and explain why you would be good at the job. It is also important to be able to answer questions about the insurance industry, and show that you have a good understanding of the products and services that are available.

  1. Auto insurance is an insurance policy that covers you from incurring financial losses when your vehicle meets with harm.
  2. Therefore, your ability to distill and communicate complex information clearly should shine through your resume.
  3. A good customer experience will always lead to referrals and long-term business.
  4. You can use these hiring tools to select suitable candidates for the interview stage and remove unskilled insurance agents from the process.
  5. Selling insurance can be a hectic career, and you’ll occasionally neglect clients without meaning to.

The customer service you’ve provided adds to the customer experience. Professional skills are skills essential for you to perform your soft skills for insurance agents job. These are skills that are learnable and can be developed through attending courses available online or reading self-help books.

Selling insurance is one of the most attractive high-paying jobs that don’t require a degree.

These skills demonstrate your ability to adapt to the evolving insurance landscape and effectively engage with today’s tech-savvy customers. Hard skills tests are tools you can include in an insurance agent assessment to analyze your candidate’s technical abilities. Regardless of which time management tool you use, make sure to find a system that keeps you organized with phone calls and meetings.

Communication is a key skill for insurance agents, as they need to be able to explain complex insurance concepts to customers and build relationships with them. Insurance agents also need to be able to listen to customer needs and concerns in order to provide the best possible service. These items above are just some of the qualities that life insurance agents must possess in order to be successful. The life insurance business can be very challenging and immensely rewarding for those who are willing to learn the necessary skills to build their business.

Drop your resume here or upload a file to find out if the skills in your resume are readable by an ATS. This resume template is suitable for experienced hires or mid-level hires. The education contains two examples of an education experiences, but only include one (your most recent one) if you’re a senior level employee.

Empathy is a wonderful characteristic that good insurance agents possess and nurture. Find out relevant insurance keywords and phrases and build your resume today. Incorporate skills – like Casualty Insurance, Insurance Sales and Umbrella Insurance – into your work experience too. This shows hiring managers that you have practical experience with these tools, techniques and skills.

Casualty Insurance is a form of liability insurance that protects companies and individuals from a wide range of accidents and negligence claims. Casualty insurance can protect against car accident damage, theft from a home or business, and workers’ compensation. Broadly speaking, casualty insurance protects against claims resulting from injuries to an individual. When the right questions are asked at the right time, it will lead to increased sales.

Provide continuous upskilling education and training

In your cover letter, be sure to highlight your skills as an insurance agent. Include your experience working with clients, your knowledge of the insurance industry, and your ability to find the best coverage for your clients. Also, mention your customer service skills and your ability to build relationships with clients.

They appreciate that you offered exactly what they needed, exactly when they needed it. Financial resources are sources of funds that a business can draw upon to be successful, to finance its investments, capital, and day-to-day operations. Your goal as our Insurance Agent will be finding new clients to serve and building lasting relationships. We are an international insurance company who are currently searching for a highly-analytical and professional Insurance Agent to join our team. Probably the hardest part of being an insurance agent is to know “how” and “when” to ask the right questions.

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Having your real estate agent license is a nonnegotiable requirement to land an real estate agent job typically. Completing your ABR (Accredited Buyers Representative) certification shows you have additional training and knowledge in real estate, beyond the basics. Certifications like these also come with ongoing educational opportunities and a network of realtors you could use to find opportunities.

Resume Skills: Legal & Regulatory

While building rapport is a significant part of the process, the needs of the customer come first. A broker should take the time and effort to make sure that the policyholder knows what they are signing up for and feel comfortable about doing so. The eight most common skills for licensed insurance agents in 2024 based on resume usage. Certainly, you understand that your products and services have value. You must convey that value while staying mindful of a potential customer’s budget and attitudes.

Selling insurance is not only selling a product, but you are selling an opportunity to your clients to protect things that are important to them. As an insurance agent, you are the knight in the shiny armor that help protect your client from financial disaster, or crisis that may cause them distress, or harm. A good insurance agent knows that in order to win over clients, you have to be honest upfront.

It is an important skill for insurance agents, as they often have to negotiate with clients, insurance companies, and other professionals in the industry. All successful insurance agents have a strong network that they can tap into for new business. As a health insurance agent, you are obligated to offer and suggest the best cover possible for clients. So even as you try to get sales for your insurance company, remember that obligation to prevent getting into trouble and jeopardizing your job and career. Behavior analytics tracks how agents interact with their applications, providing insights into usage patterns, training needs, and adoption challenges.

Comprehensive Communication

Many agents earn financial planning designations such as the Certified Financial Planner®, Chartered Financial Counselor, or other credentials. Potential employers value agents who can clearly explain complex insurance products to customers. So, emphasize instances where you’ve educated clients about their policy options and helped them make informed decisions. This approach demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction and ethical sales practices. You should highlight your proficiency in using digital tools like customer relationship management software, email automation, and social media platforms.

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